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Today’s fast-paced lifestyle calls for readiness. When we’re on the road, and behind the wheel, it’s important to know where to get help in the event of a car breakdown. This often comes unexpectedly, and the best we can do is to call the right people to help us get back on the road as quickly as we can.

Jacksonville 24/7 Towing Service offers fast and reliable assistance in Jacksonville, FL, every hour of every day, including weekends and holidays. We have a wide range of services, such as jumpstarting a dead battery, dealing with an accidental lockout, changing a flat tire, and more. Our team of professionals is there for every customer who needs our help.

What We Value the Most

Jacksonville 24/7 Towing Service is a locally owned and operated company that values preparedness. We are always on call and ready to assist no matter what happens. 

We know there are potential mishaps that can occur on the road — that’s why we have trained professionals who can help with various automotive issues. When it comes to towing, we make every customer feel safe knowing their vehicle is in the hands of experts.

The Services We Provide

Our skilled technicians have extensive experience in providing the following services in the Jacksonville, FL area: 

Car Towing

Cars do suddenly die sometimes — and when you least expect it. You’re only one emergency call away from being back on track, so there’s no need to fear being stranded on the side of the road. Rest assured that our towing professionals will be there at once to ensure that vehicles are well taken care of while being transported.

Emergency Assistance

No matter what the issue is, we have technicians who are fully equipped with the know-how to troubleshoot all kinds of vehicle problems. We also provide various alternatives for emergencies to get our customers to where they’re headed at the soonest possible time.

Car Lock-Out Service

Probably one of the worst (and most common) things to happen to people on the road is getting locked out of their vehicles. There’s no need to worry about breaking a window just to open the door. Our team has the right tools to open it without causing any damage —  quick enough to get drivers back in their vehicles without the hassle.

Fuel Delivery 

Another common roadside mishap is running out of fuel. Sometimes, you may be too busy to check if the fuel tank is almost empty. It happens, and we understand how frustrating it can be. There’s no need to walk miles and miles to get to the nearest gas station. We provide a speedy fuel delivery service to fill that tank and get that engine running in no time.

Tire Repair or Change

There’s nothing easy about changing a flat tire or, worse, dealing with an unanticipated blowout. Not to mention, it can be very dangerous. At highway speed, this can easily cause drivers to lose control. With just the click of a button, we’ll come running to help repair the damage and replace what needs to be replaced. We aim to get vehicles moving as quickly as we can.

Battery Jumpstart


When a car battery dies, it can be difficult to jumpstart it without any tools on hand, and asking a stranger for help can be risky. That is why we have technicians prepared to give batteries the jumpstart they need to run again. We also provide recommendations on whether batteries need replacing soon, so being caught with a dead battery on the road won’t have to occur again.

Motorcycle Towing

We take our towing service seriously by having specialized equipment at the ready. We match the right hauling vehicle with the type of motorcycle that needs to be towed. This ensures a safe and secure transit from one point to another, avoiding any scratches or damages at all costs. Our customers can stay positive, knowing their vehicle’s protection is our number one priority.

Accident Removal 

We provide towing services for non-functioning vehicles due to accidents. We respond quickly and make sure to remove any resulting debris to keep other motorists’ travels safe. When it comes to transporting damaged vehicles, we see to it that no further damage is caused.

Impound Service

Sometimes, vehicle removal may be necessary to get a vehicle parked illegally out of a property. We can help tow these vehicles and bring them to an impound lot. This brings local businesses like parking lots and other establishments peace of mind knowing we’ll always be here to serve our community.

We’re Always Here for You

We can’t emphasize the importance of being prepared enough, and we know how getting to a destination without any trouble is every driver’s goal. That’s the issue with car failures — you can never tell when they’re going to happen. Luckily, all you have to do is keep our phone number handy, so we can be there for you when you need us the most.

Whether it’s a jumpstart, fuel delivery, or towing service, Jacksonville 24/7 Towing Service is available for you. If you’re in need of any of our services today, visit our website or call us at (904) 468-6301, so we can get you back on the road as soon as possible — safely and efficiently.